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Do you lead an organization and want to make a greater impact?

  • Do you feel you've hit a wall trying to grow?
  • Are you stuck in the day-to-day work?
  • Are you struggling to hand off key roles?  
  • Are you more often reactive than proactive?
  • Do you wish your team took more initiative?
  • Is it hard for you to take time off?  

If you answered 'yes’ to any of these questions, we can help.

A culture of empowerment produces results

Here are some of the main tangible results that come from an empowerment culture:

Team Ownership

The team exercises ownership and can excel at their roles

Leader Freedom

Leaders are freed up to actually lead and be visionary


The organization can scale and grow in impact

This framework gave me the tools I needed to empower my team. I have since been able to finally focus on growing my business and continue to see tremendous results."

— James Schofield, VP & Senior Financial Planning Advisor, Assante Wealth Management 


About the Founder

Our coaching/workshops are lead by Matt Blakely, a CEO who built a multi-million dollar business by applying these principles.

Matt Blakely created the Empower Then Lead framework. This isn’t just theory for him; he lived and perfected it with his own company.  

Years ago Matt started a business that helps communities recover from large-scale disasters, with a software product that now manages the distribution of billions of dollars in government grants. For the first ten years of running the business Matt was constantly busy, had a disengaged team, and growth seemed capped.  

He saw a radical turnaround when he became obsessed with a simple idea: what if he saw his whole job as setting up his team for success? As an empowerment culture was cultivated, the company experienced tremendous growth, becoming a multi-million dollar business that Matt ultimately sold.  

Matt took what he learned and turned it into a framework that he now teaches to others to help develop culture that positions companies for growth. He also wrote a book by the same name, Empower Then Lead, which is now available as an advanced reader’s copy. 

Get the book, Empower Then Lead: Have a greater impact by setting your team up for success.

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